Newfield Exploration shows expertise at multi-well single-pad drilling

Newfield Exploration Mid-Con LLC  apparently has perfected the art of drilling several wells from single pads and in one Blaine County case, drilled seven wells with combined production of more than 3,300 barrels of oil a day.

In recent filings, the Houston company showed the 7 Oppel 1610 wells were drilled at 24 16N 10W or about eleven miles east of Watonga. Spud dates were in December of 2018 and January of 2019 with completions made in April and May of this year.

Production included 432, 425, 471, 55, 339, 481 and 637 barrels of oil a day on the wells and the drilling depths were all in the 17,000 foot range. So the combined production was 3,337 barrels of oil a day.

But Newfield wasn’t finished with its multi-well single-pad efforts. The company filed reports on three separate cases of multi-wells on single pads in Kingfisher County. Three Lucile 1708 wells drilled at 27 17N 8W or about 6 miles northwest of the city of Kingfisher had combined production of 2,701 barrels of oil a day. The wells had November and December 2018 spud dates and completions were made in April 2019 at depths ranging from 18, 891 feet to 19,080 feet.

Newfield filed reports on two Jr Barton 1708 wells drilled a mile west of the Lucile wells at 28 17N 8W and ended with total production of 2,473 barrels of oil a day. One well had production of 1,161 barrels of oil a day and 1,097 Mcf of gas. The second had production of 1,312 barrels of oil a day and 1,188 Mcf of gas.

A third case of multi-wells from single pads involved four Wilms 1609 wells drilled at 11 16N 9W or 10 miles west of Kingfisher. Combined production was 2,079 barrels of oil a day as the individual wells had production of 237, 606, 618 and 618. Drilling depths were in the 19,000 foot range on three of the wells while one had a depth of 14,379 feet. The wells had spud dates in December 2018 and January 2019 with completions made in April of this year.

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