August 22, 2019 archive

Chinese scientist at KU indicted on fraud charges

The Chinese national charged with stealing nearly $1 billion in technology from the Phillips 66 research center in Bartlesville isn’t the only foreign national facing such charges in the Oklahoma and Kansas region. A  researcher at the University of Kansas was indicted Wednesday on federal charges of hiding the fact that he was working full time …

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Bridenstine talks of nuclear propulsion for space exploration

An illustration of a spacecraft powered by nuclear thermal propulsion.  (Image: © NASA/Marshall) From news Humanity’s next giant leap could be enabled by next-gen nuclear tech, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said. During the sixth meeting of the National Space Council (NSC) today (Aug. 20), the NASA chief lauded the potential of nuclear thermal propulsion, …

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Reporters traveling the US to study how electric cars will change the country

A team of E&E News reporters will journey 6,000 miles over eight weeks to report on how electric vehicles are changing transportation, jobs and everyday life. The energy news group’s Electric Road Trip will start in Houston on Sept. 9, traveling through the Southeast and Midwest and down the West Coast. And yes, they are even …

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Chesapeake Energy’s switch to oil catches attention

    As Oklahoma City’s Chesapeake Energy continues its growth in oil exploration and move away from being the nation’s second-largest gas producer, it is catching the attention of analysts and investors. Good attention.  Read what Motley Fool reported about the company’s decision two years ago. Click here.