Rig counts drop in Oklahoma and across the U.S.

The number of working oil and gas rigs declined in Oklahoma in the past week, slipping by 3 from the previous week to 95. A year ago, the state had 138 oil and gas rigs according to figures from Baker Hughes Co.

Nationally, the count dropped by 4 in the past week to reach 954. Oil rig counts declined by 5 to 779 while the number of gas rigs increased by 2 to reach 174.

Compared to a year ago, the national rig count is down 92 from 1,046 including 79 fewer oil rigs and 13 fewer gas rigs.

Texas saw a week drop of 2 rigs to 454 but is down nearly 100 compared to the 523 working rigs reported a year ago. Colorado’s count stayed at 31, one less than last year at this time. New Mexico added 5 working rigs to reach 107, 4 more than a year ago.

Louisiana’s count declined by 3 to 66 but is still 10 more than July of 2018. Wyoming’s count remained at 32, four more than last year.

The Permian Basin count grew by 3 to reach 440 but remains below the 476 reported last year at this time. The Mississippian has only two working rigs while a year ago, there were 5 rigs.

The Granite Wash has 4 rigs, far fewer than the 12 rigs reported last July. The Woodfords count dropped by 2 to 6.

The D-J Basin in Colorado and southern Wyoming remained at 27. The Eagle Ford in south Texas added one rig to reach 67, 14 fewer than last July.

The Williston count continued with 55 rigs.


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