Oklahoma is far from top states for business



Oklahoma is far from making CNBC’s list of “America’s Top States for Business in 2019.

The state is ranked 43rd worst based on a study that ranks states for business competitiveness.  Some of the categories used in creating the ranking are the workforce, economy, quality of life and cost of doing business.


While Virginia is ranked number one and Texas is ranked number two, Oklahoma is 43 and Arkansas is 42.

Education is one of the reasons the state of Oklahoma fared so badly in the cable business news list.

“From kindergarten through college, Oklahoma badly underfunds its schools relative to other states. That leaves the state at the bottom of the rankings for education. That is not just based on the money. It is based on the results, with school test scores in the bottom tier.”

Workforce rank: 49, grade F

Economy rank: 40, grade D+

Infrastructure: 17, grade B

Cost of Doing Business: 13, grade A-

Quality of Life: 46, grade F

Education: 50, grade F

Technology & Innovation: 46, grade F

Business Friendliness: 15, grade B-

Access to Capital: 30, grade D+

Cost of Living: 2, grade A+

A review of neighboring states found Colorado ranked 9 and Nebraska was 8. Kansas was 19 on the list while Missouri was 23.

Click here to view the entire list.

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