State Treasurer’s office temporarily leaving Capitol Building

Energy company representatives who have any business at the State Treasurer’s office in the State Capitol Building might take notice.

Beginning July 1, the Office of t he Treasurer will be leaving the building for the first time since it moved into the Capitol building in 1917. Treasurer Randy McDaniel says the office will be moved for an extended period of time to allow for renovation work to be finished.

Those who have business at the office will have to carry it out in the Commerce Center, 9520 N. May Avenue in Oklahoma City. The offices will be in the lower level of the building.

Treasurer McDaniel said people who need to work with staff on unclaimed property claims or other issues will have open access to the offices.

“We focused on suitability, security and, convenience as key factors in choosing our location,” McDaniel said. “We are committed to a seamless transition.”

The Commerce Center is just north of Britton Road on May Avenue, a major Oklahoma City thoroughfare. Elevators to the lower level are located just inside the main entrance. Office phone numbers and email addresses are not changing, nor are the hours of operation – 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The treasurer’s office has been headquartered in the Capitol Building for 102 years, with the exception of one week in 2017 when the entire building was closed for electrical work. This move is expected to last about a year and is part of the comprehensive renovation of the historic seat of state government.

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