ONEOK’s Wyoming pipeline to gain from Denver’s pipeline plans

A Denver midstream company has announced plans to build a natural gas liquids pipeline connecting with ONEOK’s pipeline in Wyoming.

Meritage Midstream Services II LLC announced its subsidiary Thunder Creek NGL Pipeline LLC will launch a binding open season to get volume dedications to support the new line.

The construction will be on the company’s existing natural gas liquids line and will transport the liquids from two processing plants located in Campbell and Converse counties in Wyoming to an interconnection point with ONEOK Hydrocarbon, L.P.s ONEOK Bakken Pipeline, LLC which is in Converse County.

ONEOK Hydrocarbon is part of the Tulsa-based ONEOK corporation.

The Campbell county operation is the Thunder Creek Gas Services, LLC’s 50 Buttes Processing plant.The second operation is Thunder Creek’s Steamboat I Natural Gas Plant which is in Converse County.

The proposed new origin and destination points will allow potential shippers to move product from TCGS plants in the Powder River Basin to a newly established interconnect with ONEOK Bakken Pipeline, L.L.C. (“ONEOK”) at Well Draw in Converse County, Wyoming. It will provide potential shippers the ability to access ONEOK’s Niobrara Lateral, which will ultimately access newly created capacity on ONEOK’s Elk Creek expansion. Subject to shipper demand, required new infrastructure to enable the proposed new movements is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2019.

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