Will politics prevent federal flood and storm aid to Oklahoma?

As Oklahoma reels from massive flooding that has approached historic levels in some areas of the state, there is a possibility that politics in Washington DC might cause a delay in any federal financial aid.

At least,it’s what Oklahoma U.S. Sen. James Lankford is suggesting. When asked whether Democrats who control the US House might hold federal aid hostage until they get their demands, the Senator replied, “It already has been. That’s been the frustration. We tried to get a disaster aid bill done for months and months. And it’s been blocked over and over again. The Democrats have initially held out. They want billions of dollars of additional aid for Puerto Rico.”

He said there are other states where natural disasters have occurred.

“Democrats continue to be able to hold out all of the areas of disaster aid until they get additional money for Puerto Rico,” he told OK Energy Today. “If they don’t get additional aid for PR then they’re not going to allow any disaster aid for any other place. When PR at this point has not even been able to spend all the disaster aid money they already have.”

Click here to listen to the Senators comments.


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