Study links wastewater injection wells and growth of earthquakes

Yet another study is showing a definite link between fracking and wastewater injection wells and earthquakes in Oklahoma and other oil-producing states.

The latest is by Tufts University researchers who contend their study of data from field experiments and modeling of ground faults shows that subsurface fluid injection “could cause significant, rapidly spreading earthquake activity beyond the fluid diffusion zone.”

In other words, the injection, whether it is for fracking or down wastewater injection wells will result in increased earthquake activity well beyond where the liquids were expelled.

The study, published in the journal Science strongly supports the theory that fluid injections are causing potentially damaging earthquakes further afield by the slow slip of pre-existing fault fracture networks like those seen in Oklahoma.

In fact, the large jump in earthquakes over the past few years in state played a significant role in why Tufts researchers studied the impact of the injected liquids.

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