OERB credits oil and gas industry with cleanup of abandoned well sites

Leaders of the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board observed the board’s 25th anniversary of cleaning up abandoned oil and gas sites by taking guests to a cleanup site in Oklahoma.

Those on hand got to see first-hand how the OERB eliminates abandoned sites that might contain concrete and machinery. They were taken to a site in south Oklahoma City where one site was being cleaned up.

Mindy Stitt, Executive Director of the OERB gave credit to the industry.

“Our accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible without the oil and gas industry, the operators and royalty owners and then also, of course, our board of directors.”

She called the OERB program a “true testament to the leaders we have in this state’s oil and natural gas industry.”

In the 25 years since the OERB was formed, an estimated 17,000 abandoned well sites have been cleaned up across the state.


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