Marathon Oil brings in large well in STACK

A STACK well drilled by Marathon Oil in Blaine County is producing more than 1,300 barrels of oil a day.

A completion report filed this week with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission shows the Hr. Potter 1511 8-3-34mxh well is located at 3 15N 11W or about 5 miles north of the community of Greenfield. It had initial production of 1,328 barrels of oil a day along with 2,915 Mcf of gas.

The report shows it had a May 2018 spud date and drilling was finished in July of last year. Completion was made in September in the Mississippi formation.

Marathon used 20,897,745 pounds of proppant along with 258,442 barrels of fluid to bring in the well.

The company also reported two wells in Stephens County, each with production of 857 barrels of oil daily and 8,761 Mcf of gas.

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