Governor tours Boeing operations in OKC

Oklahoma’s Gov. Kevin Stitt  who’s comfortable piloting his own plane got a chance this week to sit behind the controls of a Boeing 747 jetliner.

He didn’t really fly the 747 but rather sat at the control of a flight simulator at Boeing’s Development Center in Oklahoma City.  The governor toured Boeing’s Advanced Visualizations and Immersive Development Center next to Tinker Air Force base.

He had a chance to experience the flight simulator and also see what tools Boeing uses for training and studies.

“I’m a huge aerospace enthusiasts and also a pilot,” the governor told reporters.

And he took the tour to heap praise on Boeing, the company that has transferred operations from California and Kansas to be close to Tinker AFB.

“This industry is a top economic driver in our state. There’s approximately 144,000 employees that work in Oklahoma so it’s a great cluster that we want to continue to build on. And with something like a $43 billion impact on our state, in this industry alone, it’s a huge deal.”

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