Governor signs bill protecting military bases from wind farm encroachment

Governor Kevin Stitt has signed a bill into law creating clarification on wind farm development so it does not interfere with military air bases in the state.

He signed House Bill 2118 which will require wind farm developers to first obtain approval from the Federal Aviation Administration and the State’s Military Aviation and Installation Assurance Siting Clearinghouse before construction can begin.

“What this does is ensure everyone is communicating,” said Grayson Ardies, deputy director of the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission in an interview with The Oklahoman.

“We are not just trying to be overely burdensome here. We are just trying to get everybody to do the right thing to ensure that both industries can compatibly work together,” he added.

Under the new Act, the Oklahoma Corporation Commission will also have the power to assess an administrative penalty of up to $1,500 a day for violations.

Vic Bird heads the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission and explained the new Act simply clears up confusion that existed about how wind farm developers should proceed in getting permits.


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