Truck line hands out $750,000 in bonuses to Million Mile drivers

The J.B. Hunt truck line held its annual Million Mile Celebration event this week and handed out $750,000 in bonuses to the 53 drovers who surpassed, two, three and four million safe miles in their careers.

Each driver’s bonus was based on the total miles achieved for the company headquartered in Lowell, Arkansas.

“Drivers like these are the big reason why J.B. Hunt is one of the safest fleets on the road today,” said Craig Harper, executive vice president and chief operations officer of J.B. Hunt. “If you traveled to the moon and back twice, you’d still be short of one million miles. ”

The company considers them to be an elite group who represent 19 states from coast to coast. The drivers were honored at a lunch and took part in the company’s Million Mile Walk of Fame, a tradition where employees line four flights of stairs to congratulate the drivers with applause and high-fives.

The Million Mile event is one of the highest honors for J.B. Hunt drivers and their families. The company implemented the Million Mile program in 1996 and has hosted the ceremony since 2001.

J.B. Hunt has awarded more than $28 million to drivers since it started the Million Mile program.


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