Rep. Horn draws first GOP opponent

Oklahoma’s only Democratic U.S. Representative is drawing a Republican opponent.

State Sen. Stephanie Bice announced Wednesday she intends to run for the GOP nomination in a bid to unseat Congresswoman Kendra Horn, the Democrat who upset GOP Rep. Steve Russell last fall.

Bice says she will campaign against Horn by linking her to the socialist agenda pushed by the Democratic party.

“Conservative polices and bold leadership are turning Oklahoma around, but Washington’s ineptitude threatens Oklahoma’s economic growth,” Bice said. “We can’t have a representative who answers to Nancy Pelosi and a far-left socialist agenda.”

Horn wasted no time in raising money early this year, weeks after she took office as a freshmen Representative from the 5th U.S. District. She already has raised the most campaign money of the state’s House members.

“Washington is seized by gridlock and runaway spending and a Democratic House majority that has embraced socialist policies and big government solutions,” Bice said. “In Congress, I’ll do what I’ve done in Oklahoma, tackle big problems head-on and work to deliver conservative solutions that grow our economy for hard-working Oklahoma taxpayers.”

Sen. Bice is recognized for leading the movement to modernize the state’s liquor laws last year. She has also been chair of the Senate Finance Committee and worked to require legislative approval of line-item  budgets for Oklahoma’s largest state agencies.

She received the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce Rising Star award and was selected a member of the Governing Institute Women in Government Leadership Class of 2016.

A pro-life conservative, Stephanie has been endorsed by Oklahoma Right to Life and has maintained an 93% rating from the National Rifle Association.

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