Oklahoma’s status in rig counts drops behind New Mexico

Until now, Oklahoma normally would be the second highest oil and gas producing state when it came to rig counts, behind only Texas.

But with the loss of 3 rigs, Oklahoma is down to 104, behind the state of New Mexico which dropped two leaving 105 active rigs in the past week.

The Permian Basin which reaches into New Mexico has seen such growth that the state’s oil and gas rig count a year ago was 89 while Oklahoma had 128 active rigs.

Nationwide, the count dropped by 3 to 1,002. The number of oil rigs grew by 2 to 833 while the number of gas rigs fell by 6 to 189. But the national count is still 14 more than a year ago when there were 1,008 active rigs.

Colorado’s count in the past week remained at 32. The count in Kansas, according to the Independent Oil and Gas Service remained at 33.

Louisiana’s count continued at 65 while North Dakota stayed at 61. Texas added 3 to hit 502 while Wyoming’s count stayed at 36.

The Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico saw the count increased by two to reach 464. The Granite Wash added a rig to hit 9 while the Mississippian remained at 4 and the Woodfords dropped by two to hit 6.

The D-J Niobrara remained at 30 while the Eagle Ford slipped by one to reach 77. The Williston’s count remained at 61.

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