OERB leader says ‘thanks’ to oil and gas industry for environmental cleanup

The Oklahoma Energy Relations Board is observing its 25th anniversary this year of restoring Oklahoma’s land.

OERB Executive Director Mindy Stitt is carrying the message and thanked the oil and gas industry.

“As leaders in our state’s oil and natural gas industry, your companies produce the resources that are essential to more than 90% of the world’s manufactured goods and nearly every life-saving pharmaceutical, ” said Stitt in a recent email message. “Not to mention the fuels and resources you provide to heat our homes, cook our meals and efficiently transport us around the planet.  And thanks to a renaissance of reliably producing abundant energy, business leaders across the globe now have the visibility to plan investments years – even decades – into the future.”

She noted the industry works voluntarily every year to clean up messes left behind long ago, doing it “in the face of relentless misplaced criticism.”

In March, the OERB launched a series of statewide television commercials commemorating 25 years of restorations, voluntarily funded by Oklahoma’s oil and natural gas producers and royalty owners.  The 25-year message will continue to be a theme throughout the spring and early summer months.

Included within this email is the 60-second commercial. There is also a 30-second version, as well as a 3 minute video at https://oerb.com/well-site-clean-up/landowner-testimonials.  I hope you’ll take a few minutes to check it out.

“For many Oklahomans, their land is their passion, livelihood and home. This is the very reason you, through the Oklahoma Energy Resources Board, have made it your mission to clean up orphaned and abandoned well sites.  For 25 years, this mission has impacted thousands of families – returning the natural beauty to land all across Oklahoma.

On behalf of all Oklahomans, and especially the OERB staff, I say thank you for your enduring vision, leadership and generosity.”

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