Oil and gas rig numbers declined in Oklahoma and the U.S.

Oklahoma’s oil and gas rig count took a nose dive in the past week as the state lost 5 rigs while the nationwide count slipped one.

Oklahoma’s count fell to 111 active rigs compared to 124 a year ago this week. Nationally, the count dropped to 1,026.

The U.S. count included a drop of one to bring the oil rig count to 833 while the number of gas rigs remained at 193. The nationwide numbers are still 36 higher than one year ago when there were 990 oil and gas rigs.

The U.S. offshore count stayed at 22.

Oklahoma’s count compares to 501 in Texas where the count slipped by one. Colorado remained at 34 while the count in Kansas dropped by one to 24, according to the Red Top Rig report.

New Mexico saw an increase of one to 106 while North Dakota added 3 rigs to 56. Wyoming remained at 36.

Of the oil plays Woodfords declined by one to 9. The Granite Wash dropped one to 6 while the Mississippian in Oklahoma and Kansas lost 3 rigs to hit 5. The Permian in Texas and New Mexico saw a loss of one rig to 464. The D-J Niobrara remained at 31.

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