Gift records reveal what Scott Pruitt received while head of EPA

From POLITICO’s Morning Energy Report—more information about former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt:

REQUIRED READING? Former EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt received at least six unsolicited copies of “The Lorax” and four of “Global Warming for Dummies” but donated them, according to gift records released Monday by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. The documents, obtained in response to litigation, also offer a glimpse into the hodgepodge of gifts he got.

Other goodies Pruitt received: A Vineyard Vines tie from then-House Science Chairman Lamar Smith; a live orchid from the South Korean ambassador to the U.S.; a $110 “decorative bird plate”; a mock Texas license plate from the Texas Oil and Gas Association; a Moroccan tea set and small silver bowl; a “carved quartz polar bear with jade fish in its mouth” from the Canadian Ministry of Environment and Climate Change; a “Make Dairy Great Again” hat and a $165 bottle of Kavalan Solist Peaty Cask Whisky from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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