Drilling rig counts decline in Oklahoma and across the U-S

Despite the jump to $60 a barrel for oil this past week, oil and gas drilling activity across the U.S. is still sagging slightly. The latest figures show a drop of 10 rigs nationwide, down to 1,016 according to figures from Baker Hughes Co.

Oklahoma experienced a decline of 2 rigs to reach 109 for the week. With only two exceptions, most other major oil and gas producing states in the Oklahoma region saw a decline or no gains.

The national count included a drop of 9 oil rigs to 824 while the total number of gas drilling rigs declined one to 192. But compared to one year ago, the national count is still 21 higher.

Texas dropped 4 to reach 497 while Colorado stayed at 34 and New Mexico’s count slipped by two to 104. North Dakota’s count grew by one to 57 while Kansas, according to the Red Top Rig Report added six rigs to reach 30. The count in Wyoming remained at 36 but Louisiana saw a decline of 3 rigs to 62.

Of the oil plays in the region, the Woodfords in Oklahoma saw 8 active rigs, a drop of one in the past week. The D-J Niobrara in Colorado and Wyoming remained at 31 while the Eagle Ford in South Texas continued at 82.

The Mississippian stayed at 5 working rigs. The Permian in Texas and New Mexico dropped 5 to reach 459 and the Williston in North Dakota added one rig to reach 57.


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