More oil well success in Grady County

More than a year after Marathon Oil Co. drilled a Grady county well, it filed a completion report showing initial oil production of 1,630 Boed along with 5,911 Mcf of gas

The Lightner 0505-1-18-19wxh is located about one mile southeast of the town of Alex (19 5N 5W) and had a spud date of October 2017.  Drilling finished in May of 2018 and completion was made in April 2018. But the report wasn’t filed until this past week.

Continental Resources reported a large natural gas well drilled about 8 miles due north of Weatherford in Custer County.

The Wild Goose 1-29-20XHW, located at 29 14N 14W had initial production of 19,686 Mcf of gas according to a complete report filed late last week.

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