Halliburton’s 100 years of existence and success

Before his death, Erle Palmer Halliburton, the man who founded Halliburton spoke of the days when he struggled to survive in the oil and gas business.

“There was no such thing as the good old days,” he said. “They were filled with back-breaking labor that aged people before their time. Thank God that American inventiveness has given us the marvelous machines with which we now play and work.”

Halliburton is celebrating its 100th birthday this year and recently drew the interest of the Houston Chronicle. The paper explored how Halliburton was founded in Duncan, Oklahoma and decades later moved corporate headquarters to Texas.

A borrowed wagon. An old pump. A salvaged tank. Clothesline. Wooden plugs. And two mules. It’s how the story begins.

Click here to read detailed story of Halliburton’s history.

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