Sen. Lankford says economic sanctions against Venezuela are the right move


The Trump administration’s decision to put sanctions on Venezuela’s state-owned oil company is the right thing to do, according to U.S. Sen. James Lankford.

“This is continued pressure on Venezuela to have a change in leadership,” said the Senator in an interview with OK Energy Today.

He blamed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro who has been in power since 2013.

“He has destroyed their economy there and it has been exceptionally painful for the Venezuelan people,” added the Senator. “They have asked for help over and over again.”

Lankford pointed out that Maduro was not elected as the country’s leader. He says the economic sanctions applied by the U.S. will prevent Maduro from getting access to the money and it will instead help legally elected leaders run the country.

“It was entirely the right thing to do,” said Sen. Lankford.

But there has been mention of possible military intervention by the U.S., something Lankford opposes.

“We really should not engage militarily in Venezuela. This should be a peaceful transition. The President’s made it clear he does not want to do a military intervention but he has to say ‘all things are on the table at this point’.”

Lankford thinks the military in Venezuela holds the future of the country in its hands. However, if there turns out to be bloodshed in the streets by the country’s military, it might call for U.S. intervention.

“But the military in Venezuela has been restrained at this point, which is a good thing,” said the Senator. “It is time for a transition in leadership and a peaceful transition in Venezuela.”

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