Rig counts dropped in Oklahoma in past week

Little movement—it’s what is reflected in many oil and gas producing states as well as some of the shale plays when it comes to this week’s rig counts.

The national count remained at 1,075 while in Oklahoma, the count slipped by 4 to 136. Nationally, there were 4 fewer oil rigs as the count dropped to 873 while the number of gas-drilling rigs grew by 4 to reach 202.

The national count is still 136 higher than a year ago when there were 939 active rigs. The U.S. is still 121 higher when it comes to oil rigs and the number of gas rigs is 15 more than one year earlier.

The nation’s off-shore rig count dropped by one to reveal only 21 drilling rigs in the waters around the U.S.

The count of rigs in Oklahoma compares to 532 in Texas where the number declined by two. New Mexico’s number of working rigs increased by two to reach 107. Other nearby states were obviously affected by the slump in energy prices as none reported any increase or decrease in working rigs.

Colorado remained at 35. Kansas stated at 37 according to the Red Top Rig Report issued by the Independent Oil and Gas Service Inc. Louisiana dropped two to 63. North Dakota’s count remained at 53 and the number of rigs active in Wyoming continued at 33.

Of the various plays, the Woodfords in Oklahoma remained at 8. The Granite Wash continued with 8 working rigs. The Mississippi continued at 8 while the Eagle Ford in South Texas stayed at 31 working rigs. The Permian Basin added only one rig to hit 488. The Williston in North Dakota remained at 56 while the D-J Niobrara in northern Colorado stayed at 31.

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