Gasoline prices rebound in Oklahoma but remain low

Gasoline prices went up nearly 6 cents a gallon in Oklahoma City in the past week, reaching an average of $1.89 a gallon while statewide prices rose only one cent hitting an average of $1.93 per gallon.

AAA Oklahoma reports the $1.93 average this week in the state compares to $1.92 a gallon one week ago. Nationally, the average is $2.25.

In Oklahoma, Woods county where Alva is the county seat has the highest average at $2.22 a gallon while the lowest average is in Lawton at $1.81 a gallon. Lawton’s average is 3-cents higher than a week ago.

Oklahoma’s average compares to $1.97 in Kansas, $2.09 in Colorado, $2.09 in New Mexico, $1.94 in Texas, $1.93 in Arkansas and $1.89 in Missouri.

GasBuddy reports the Oklahoma City average at $1.89 is nearly 6 cents higher than a week  ago. Its survey was of 669 stations in the Oklahoma City metro.

GasBuddy found the average in Tulsa was $1.80, down 6.1 cents from a week ago. Wichita,  Kansas had an average of $1.90, a drop of nearly 3 cents from last week.



“The national average price for gasoline has seen little change in the last week in most areas, but this period remains the calm ahead of the storm, especially if China’s trade deal pans out into a larger trade agreement with the U.S.,” said Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy. “The transition to summer gasoline, a three month process, will begin in the weeks ahead, so the current period is still the calm before the storm. If a broad trade agreement with China does come to pass, that will enhance the normal rise of 35-75 cents per gallon that we see nationally from February’s low prices to Memorial Day weekend’s prices- so what you see today will likely feel like a completely different world than what we expect near Memorial Day.”

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