Wind power records keep falling

The Southwest Power Pool, of which Oklahoma is a member, set another wind generation record in the past week.  Wind-generated electricity totaled 16.38 gigawatts for the customers in the 546,000 square miles served by the pool.

It was on Thursday and came at 7:40  in the morning as the electricity provided by wind farms throughout several states totaled 50 percent.

The record is only the latest as a direct result of the electricity supplied by wind farms and nearly 66,000 miles of transmission lines. It was in March when the Southwest Power Pool announced a record when 61 percent of the electricity came from wind turbines.

But officials at the Power Pool also expect more records to be set as the agency can tape up to about 20 gigawatts of wind powered electricity. It was in 2009 when the Pool only received about 3 gigawatts from wind power.

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