Oklahoma saw biggest nationwide increase in Electric Vehicle sales

A study by the California-based YourMechanic company contends Oklahoma has seen the largest jump nationally in sales of electric cars. The company that provides mobile car repair and maintenance services analyzed EV sales and found Oklahoma had the greatest sales growth from 2016 to 2017.

YourMechanic called it particularly impressive since the state  offers no incentives or tax credits to those who buy an EV. However, it should be noted the number of EV sales went from 263 in 2016 to 691 in 2017, an increase of nearly 163%.  So the study’s claim is based only on increased sales.

Consider how Oklahoma’s 2017 EV numbers compared to nearly 95,000 electric vehicles sold in California or the more than 10,000 in New York State.

Wisconsin had the least sales growth with a decline of more than 11% even though it offered EV owners tax rebates and exemptions on fuel and equipment. California fell in the lower half of the 50 states for sales, but as the study noted, “this is somewhat understandable considering how EV sales are already well-established “this is somewhat understandable considering how EV sales are already well-established there.”

California had more than 400,000 EVs sold between 2008 and 2018.

Many of the EVs sold nationally were the Chevy Bolt and the Kia Soul EV. But YourMechanic found that the majority of the EVs were more expensive than what most drivers can afford.


As for re-fueling and re-charging costs, Oklahoma ranked 4th lowest nationally with an average 92-cent an e-gallon re-fueling charge. That compares to the $2.73 a gallon gasoline average, making an average difference of $1.81. Louisiana was cheapest in the nation with an 81-cent average per e-gallon.



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