Drilling success continues for Devon in Oklahoma’s STACK play


Devon Energy finds even more success in Oklahoma’s STACK play, reporting at least three new wells, each producing more than a thousand barrels of oil a day.

It had two successful wells in Blaine County. The Horsefly 13_24-15n-10w 4hx, located at 13 15N 10W, had production of 1,1178 Boed along with 3,175 Mcf of gas.

The well, located about 11 miles southeast of Watonga was spudded in January. Drilling finished in February and completion was made Aug. 25, 2018. The well was one of two drilled at the same pad site.

The second major Blaine county well for Devon was the C-farms 23-16n-12w 2h well located at 23 16N 12W or about 5 miles west of Watonga. It had production of 1,076 Boed along with 5,578 Mcf of gas.

The well had a February 19 spud date and drilling ended in March with completion made May 11, 2018. It was also the second major well drilled at the same pad. Last week, Devon filed a completion report on another C-farms well with production of 1,245 Boed.

Devon also brought in a Kingfisher county well with production of 1,226 Boed and 2,254 Mcf of gas. The Showboat 10_3-16n-9w 7hx is located at 10 16N 9W and was one of two wells drilled on the same pad located about 3 miles southeast of Lomega high school. The area has proven to be oil rich for exploration.

The Showboat had a December 2017 spud date as well as the end of drilling the same month. Completion wasn’t made until June of this year.


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