Bonuses for all employees of Austin Hose Company

The 163 people who work at Amarillo-based Austin Hose company got a pre-Halloween gift from the company…$700 bonuses.  Every one of them. Including those in Oklahoma City.

Made for a total of $114,100 for the company that produces hydraulic and industrial hose.

The company has branches in Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Odessa, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Wichita, Kansas.  Management came up with the bonuses after the firm saw a 55 percent jump in sales last year.

Daniel Cramer, a sales representative for the company, said the company is doing well because of President Trump’s pro-business policies according to the Amarillo Globe News.

“The tax reform that passed has not only been a tremendous benefit for us directly, but it has helped boom the economy in almost every industry,” Cramer said. “These polices are helping put more money in everyone’s pocket.”

Austin Hose currently has 48 employees in Amarillo, and the total number for the entire company has increased to 163, Cramer said.

Austin Hose has been in business for 52 years and sells all types of hose and hose accessories. Its products are industrial-based, and the company is involved in almost every industry, from oil and gas, agriculture, construction and manufacturing to mining and forestry.

“The thing that we’ve noticed is that it’s not just us,” Cramer said. “Businesses everywhere are booming. It’s very difficult to find people to work because there are so many job opportunities out there.

“Before President Trump took office we had 70 employees; today we have 163. The pro-business policies that have been put in place are good for all Americans regardless of political identity.”

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