October 2, 2018 archive

Permits to drill for Oct. 1, 2018

Permits to drill for Oct. 1, 2018.   Alfalfa County STATE OF OKLAHOMA ‘A’ #1-33, September 28 2018 33 29N 12W N2N2SWSW API: 00323342 Lat: 36.944950174560994, Long: -98.50662420439922 TRANS PACIFIC OIL CORPORATION SH, DR, 5800 ft, DOUGLAS(4100), KANSAS CITY(4380), OSWEGO(4600), CHEROKEE(4750), MISSISSIPPIAN(4875), MISENER(5340), HUNTON(5355), SYLVAN DOLO(5365), VIOLA(5400) Blaine County SIMEON 1910 #3-6MH, October 01 2018 06 …

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No letup in small earthquakes in northern Oklahoma

There apparently is no letup from the small earthquakes rattling the northern Oklahoma areas around the Logan County town of Coyle and east of Woodward. The latest quake recorded by the U.S. Geological Survey happened several minutes after midnight on Tuesday, Oct. 2. The USGS recorded the 2.9 magnitude quake at 12:06 a.m. and its …

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