Corporation Commission to consider changes to oil and gas rules

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission plans a discussion on Thursday to consider proposed changes of oil and gas rules enforced by the Oklahoma and Gas Conservation division.

The discussion will be led by staffers and no vote of the commission is expected at the 10 a.m. meeting in the Jim Thorpe building. It is considered to be a Rulemaking Technical conference.

Click here to read some of the proposed rule changes.

They include matters pertaining to the maximum permitted surface injection for injection and disposal wells. The Petroleum Storage Tank Division is proposing changes to fees for antifreeze permits and permit renewals.

The Judicial and Legislative Services division has changes applied to protests and limiting the filing of applications to a single well.

Other issues pertain to venting and flaring and operations in hydrogen sulfide areas, the designation of class of cement used to plug wells, underground gas storage facilities and notice of hydraulic fracturing operations.

The Technical Services Department also plans to discuss House Bill 1010 which concerns the second extraordinary session and the gross production tax.


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