Study finds energy costs in Oklahoma are high

When it comes to energy costs, Oklahomans have some of the highest bills in the country.

That’s according to WalletHub, the personal finance website. It ranks Oklahoma 9th nationally for having the highest energy bills with an average monthly natural-gas cost of $30 and $132 for electricity.  The state’s average total energy cost is $330 and that includes electricity, natural gas and motor fuel.

Wyoming leads the nation with an average monthly energy cost of $372 while the District of Columbia is lowest at $203.

Connecticut is 2nd at $366 followed by Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Alaska, Indiana and West Virginia.

In the region, Missouri is 11th at $326. Kansas is 17th highest at $321. Texas ranks 20 highest at $310. Arkansas ranks 44th at $282 while New Mexico is 43rd with an average monthly energy cost of $284. Colorado is among the lowest with a 50 ranking and an average monthly energy cost of $203.

In some of the other categories surveyed by WalletHub, Arkansas has some of the cheapest electricity and ranks 49th lowest in the country.

Colorado ranks 49th lowest for the lowest natural gas price. Oklahoma ranks 47th for the lowest motor fuel price but ranks 3rd highest for motor fuel consumption per driver.

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