Dallas energy firm strikes it big with natural gas well in Oklahoma Panhandle

A Dallas, Texas company has struck it big in Oklahoma’s Panhandle by reworking a 55-year old vertical well and finding a gas goldmine.

Merit Energy returned the  status to gas of the Simmons C 1, 26 6N 12 E, located only 3 miles south of the Kansas state line and the well is producing 55,000 Mcf of gas which figures to 9,166 Boe/day.

The Simmons was actually spudded in November 1963 and completed a month later. But it was recompleted in 2014 and tested July 6, 2018. The well’s location puts it northwest of Guymon and 10 miles southwest of Elkhart, Kansas, considered the heart of major gas operations for decades.

Merit Energy filed 14 completion reports for Texas County. The company has an interest in more than 10,000 wells in 10 states in the U.S. with daily production of 67,000 BOEPD.

The Simmons wasn’t the only big gas well as shown in the weekly completion reports published by OK Energy Today. Continental Resources brought in a Blaine county gas well that produced 27,346 Mcf of natural gas about 8 miles southwest of Greenfield. Spudded in September 2017 and completed in March 2018, the Kevin Fiu 1-20-17XH is in the Mississippian play with 23,188 feet of measured total depth and 12,596 feet of true vertical depth.

Continental Resources also reported a gas well producing 15,100 Mcf located in Grady county and located about one mile north of Chickasha. Dansil 1-15-10XH is located at 5 7N 7W and had a spud date in July 2017. Drilling finished in October and completion was made March 23, 2018.

Gulfport Midcon LLC brought in a gas well with 17,298 Mcf of production in Grady County. The Winham 7-22H, located at 2 4N 6W is east of Rush Springs. Spud date was July of last year with drilling finished in August and completion made in December 2017.



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