July 12, 2018 archive

Williams to release 2nd Quarter earnings report Aug. 1

Tulsa’s Williams and Williams Partners plan to announce their second-quarter 2018 financial results in a few weeks. The release will be made after the close of markets on Wednesday, Aug. 1. Company leadership plans to hold a joint Q and Q live webcast the next morning at 8:30 Central Time. The focus will be on …

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Aides follow Pruitt out of Washington

Scott Pruitt isn’t the only one to pack his bags and leave the Environmental Protection Agency in the past week. Some of his aides apparently have followed the doctrine of “where you go, I go.” With the former Oklahoma Attorney General’s departure last week as EPA Administrator, some of his top assistants have departed too. …

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Pruitt’s successor defends his coal lobbying past

The man who succeeded Scott Pruitt as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Andrew Wheeler, delivered his first address to employees and the media on Wednesday. At he quickly went off script and addressed his prior work with the coal industry. “I did work for a coal company and I’m not ashamed of the work …

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