Completions report for June 14-20

Here is the Weekly Completions Report.  The table below provides a summary of the Completion tickets (Form 1002A) that have been published between June 14th and close of business on June 20th.  The B.Derrishaw well, which was completed in 1956, is included because it is being converted to a disposal well.

The table includes the Initial Production data for Oil (b/d), Gas (MCF/d) and Water (b/d).

There are two links in the table:
– The SPOT link will take you to the well location on Google Maps.  If you need them, this will give you turn by turn directions to the well site.
– The DOCUMENT link will take you to the Completion ticket where you will be able to find additional information.

COUNTY Well name OPERATOR SCTN TWN RNG SPOT Completion Date Oil Gas Water Scan Date API Document
Canadian BAILEY 1H-20-29 ROAN RESOURCES LLC 16 10N 5W NW SW SW SW Sep-17-2017 954 2110 1061 Jun-20-2018 01725003 500686211
Creek B. DERRISAW 6 BRICHACEK JERRY LEE 6 17N 7E C E2 SW SW Nov-28-1956 Jun-18-2018 03705590 500684494
Garvin FERGUSON 2H-14X NEWFIELD EXPLORATION 23 3N 4W SE NW NE SE Dec-17-2017 235 1245 367 Jun-19-2018 04925124 500685846
Grady NORTH CHEYENNE 4-10X3H GULFPORT MIDCON LLC 10 4N 6W SE NE NE SW Jan-08-2017 465 10620 2198 Jun-20-2018 05124102 500686416
Grady GENE CARROLL 1H-17 ROAN RESOURCES LLC 17 9N 6W SW NE NW NW May-12-2017 114 1702 1604 Jun-18-2018 05124061 500684948
Grady GENE CARROLL 1H-7 ROAN RESOURCES LLC 17 9N 6W SW NE NW NW May-12-2017 246 916 1504 Jun-20-2018 05124054 500686369
Grady GENE CARROLL 1H-8-5 ROAN RESOURCES LLC 17 9N 6W NW NE NW NW May-21-2017 547 3048 1606 Jun-19-2018 05124062 500685309
Grady LEON 1H-2-35 ROAN RESOURCES LLC 11 9N 6W NW NW NW NW Jun-13-2017 1144 8437 1192 Jun-19-2018 05124101 500685941
Kingfisher BRADBURY 28-1H GASTAR EXPLORATION I 33 18N 7W NW NE NE NW May-17-2017 301 454 1277 Jun-18-2018 07325477 500684644
Kingfisher DR J 1808 7-1UOH GASTAR EXPLORATION I 6 18N 8W SE SE SE SW Dec-06-2017 621 1610 1930 Jun-14-2018 07325784 500683496
Kingfisher YOGI 1808 8-1UOH GASTAR EXPLORATION I 5 18N 8W SW SW SW SE Dec-05-2017 324 869 1364 Jun-15-2018 07325777 500683951
Kingfisher JODIE 25-M3H LONGFELLOW ENERGY LP 25 19N 6W NW NW NE NE Jul-06-2017 135 253 614 Jun-19-2018 07325496 500685467
Kingfisher FIREBALL 1505 1-10MH OKLAHOMA ENERGY ACQU 15 15N 5W NW NW NE NW Feb-24-2018 420 1460 1712 Jun-15-2018 07325787 500683911

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