Biofuel sales to reach 2,800 sites nationally in 3 years

A new report predicts more than 2,800 retail sites will soon be distributing higher biofuel blends nationally.

The Oklahoma Farm Report says the claim was reported by Growth Energy which said the 2,800 sites where E15 will be sold will be reached as early as 2021.

it means another 350 million gallons of ethanol will need to be generated annually. Growth Energy labels the prediction an “immense success” for corn and ethanol industry stakeholders.

“Thanks to the hard work and generosity of participants in the Prime the Pump program, American consumers can purchase E15 at more than 1,400 locations across 29 states,” said Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor. “American drivers have logged more than 4 billion miles on E15, because when we give them a better option, consumers are choosing E15 again and again.”