State Continues Monitoring Deadly Well Site in SE Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission continues monitoring cleanup and repairs made at the deadly gas drilling site where five workers died in a fiery explosion  in January.

A report released by the Commission  shows Red Mountain Operating, based in Oklahoma City had continued working since the January incident to remove drilling tools lost in the well bore.

It stated that as of April 2, 2018, “The operator’s attempts to retrieve lost tools from well have been unsuccessful up to this point. A drilling rig is being brought in  to continue efforts and secure tools in well bore.”

By April 16, a decision had been  made.

“Operator has decided to leave fish in well bore and sidetrack well around fish in hole. Plugs were set according to OCC rules and regulations in order to sidetrack well,” stated the latest update from the commission.

The families of the 5 workers who died in the fire have filed lawsuits. The incident occurred Jan. 22 in Pittsburg County at the Pryor Trust 1H-9 and involved Patterson rig 219.





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