Gasoline Prices Climb Again in Oklahoma

With national gasoline prices hitting an average of $2.71 a gallon, prices in Oklahoma have risen too over the past week.  The new state average is $2.43 per gallon of gasoline while diesel fuel prices are up to $2.72 a gallon.

AAA Oklahoma reports the gasoline average rose 3 cents per gallon over the past week and is up 8 cents higher than one month ago. Diesel fuel prices also rose 3 cents per gallon in the past week and increased 8 cents in the past month.

Oklahoma City’s average gasoline price is up to $2.43 per gallon compared to $2.38 one week earlier. Diesel fuel averages $2.70, two cents higher from one week ago.

In Tulsa, the average for gasoline is $2.38, a two cent a gallon increase over the past week while the diesel fuel average is $2.68, a 3-cent a gallon hike.

Lawton continues to have some of the cheapest gasoline in the state with an average of $2.32 a gallon compared to $2.29 one week ago. Diesel fuel prices in Lawton are up to $2.74, a four-cent a gallon hike.

Of counties in the state, Ellis in the northwest has the highest average at $2.68 a gallon while the averages in Dewey and Kingfisher are $2.66 per gallon.

Surrounding states average $2.49 in Kansas, $2.45 in Missouri, $2.66 in New Mexico, $2.49 in Texas and $2.62 in Colorado.

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