OGE Brings Second Solar Power Plant Online

OGE has brought online its newly-completed 10-megawatt solar power plant in Covington located in northwest Oklahoma.

The company said the entire 12.5 megawatts of generating capacity produced by solar power in its two operations resulted in bringing the Covington project into operation.

The 80-acre Covington solar operation, located southeast of Enid is the site where a construction worker was killed last fall as he helped build the site. The panels at the solar farm track the sunlight and follow it so as to be the most efficient. At the start of each day, the panels face east but as the day continues, the panels follow the sun and by the end of the day, face westward.

The commitment from customers to acquire the solar power has OGE also reviewing whether it should invest in more such operations.

“We’ve been tracking an increase in customer interest,” said Keith Mitchell, OGE’s chief operating officer. “It will be more predictable than wind.”

OGE’s first solar system was brought online a few years ago at its Mustang Power Plant located along Reno avenue in far west Oklahoma City.

“Along with our solar facility in Mustang, Covington helps us continue to learn how solar can complement our other generation sources to provide reliable and low-cost power to our customers,” Mitchell said



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