Wind Farm Donates to Volunteer Fire Departments in Southern Oklahoma

One of the biggest wind farm operators in the State of Oklahoma, Enel Green Power North America has donated $65,000 to help first responders in three counties.

The funding actually came from Enel Green’s Origin Wind Farm at Hennepin. The emergency response agencies in Murray, Carter and Garvin counties in south central Oklahoma received the funding.  The money went to the Hennepin Volunteer Fire Department and the Smokey Valley Volunteer Fire department.

“Our team lives and works in an area served by these volunteer fire departments and we depend on these first responders to keep our families safe every day, so this is important to us, said Clayton Fenton, Origin Site Supervisor. “Health and Safety is a priority for us so we’re thrilled to be able to give back to our community in this way.”

The fire departments were grateful for the money.

“This funding will provide life-saving equipment for our firefighters and improve service in our response area,” said Jess Doss, Chief at the Hennepin Volunteer Fire Department. “We are now able to purchase new handheld radios, and we will have the funds to relocate our  telecommunications repeater equipment improving emergency response capabilities for several agencies in this region.”

He said the funding will also give the department self-contained breathing apparatus.

Smokey Valley Volunteer Fire Chief Brian Putman was equally appreciate of the wind farm’s donation.

“The funds to expand our training facility will give us a much better space to meet our required training needs and prepare for critical situations,” said Chief Putman.

The Origin Wind Farm started operations in 2014 and has 75 wind turbines on site. It represents a $250 million initial investment and is the largest property taxpayer in Murray County.

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