Step Up Charges Wind Industry with Undermining Tax Efforts

If anyone thought relations between the wind industry and the civic group called Step Up Oklahoma were smooth, forget it!

The group of civic and business leaders who believe the State government can tax its way out of the budget crisis has accused the Wind Coalition and its director Jeff Clark of working to run a “stealth campaign” against Step Up Oklahoma.

Leaders of the group fired off an email message making the accusations on Friday, according to a report in The Oklahoman.

Step Up’s Glenn Coffee was blunt in his accusation.

“We came to the table in good faith wanting to engage you and leaders of the out-of-state wind companies who derive great profits from  our state. To our great surprise, however, we learned your lobbyists were working only to derail the Step Up plan.”

He went on to accuse Clark and his organization of “executing a stealth campaign with the media to undermine our efforts to help the State of Oklahoma.”

Coffee went on  to claim that his organization has not received anything that addresses the need for new recurring revenue.

“Instead, you ignored our request, proffering unworkable proposals meant to reduce local property taxes and shift even more tax burden on the backs of Oklahoma residential utility consumers,” he charged. “We expect you will wage a vigorous campaign against Step Up because you would rather protect your interest than help our teachers,  children and elderly. Hardly a sincere gesture on your part.”

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