Nationwide Rig Count Soars by 29


The oil and gas rig counts in Oklahoma and the U.S. rose in the past week, one in state but 29 nationally.

Baker Hughes Company of Houston and the Redtop Rig report of Wichita, Kansas reported an increase in rig activity.

Oklahoma rose by one to reach 118. But the national count swelled by 29 to hit 975 working oil and gas rigs. The increase included 26 more oil rigs to reach 791 and 3 more gas rigs, hitting a level of 184.

The latest count of 975 nationally is an increase of 200 rigs in the past year.

Canada saw a significant drop in rig activity in the past week. It dropped 17 rigs to land at 325.

Oklahoma’s addition of one was dismal compared to Texas where the count rose by 14 to hit 479.  North Dakota added 4 to hit 49. New Mexico’s count rose by 3 to hit 88. The count in Kansas was up by 3 to 36. Louisiana added 3 more rigs to hit 61. Colorado’s count fell by one to 33.

The Permian Basin in Texas and New Mexico is stronger than ever, adding 10 rigs to hit 437 for the past week. The Mississippian remained at three while the Eagle Ford in south Texas added 3 to hit 69. The Granite Wash in Oklahoma and the Texas Panhandle dropped one to 10. The Williston in North Dakota added 4 to hit 50.


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