Fight Between City of Mustang and Citizen Energy of Tulsa Heads to State Appeals Court

A Tulsa oil and gas company is appealing a Canadian County judge’s ruling blocking the firm from moving ahead with drilling activities in the city limits of Mustang.

Citizen Energy disagrees with District Judge Paul Hesse who granted a temporary injunction in the oil company’s fight with the city over requirements.

In its appeal filed recently, the energy company said the judge “exercised judicial powers not granted by law” in granting Mustang’s temporary restraining order. The order issued Dec. 29, 2017 brought Citizen Energy’s drilling to a halt at a site near SW 29th and Frisco Road according to the Mustang Times.

Until Citizen Energy complies with demands of the city, it cannot drill. The city approved the company’s drilling request late last year but also put restrictions and demands on the firm.

Those restrictions included a 16-foot tall sound barrier around the drilling sites. The city also wanted trucks to and from the sites had to use Highway 152 and part of Frisco Road. Another demand was that Frisco road had to be restored after the completion of the drilling.

Citizen Energy’s case is tentatively set for a hearing Feb. 28 before the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals.