Drilling Growth in Permian Prompts Expansion of Environmental Company

The expansion of drilling activity in the Permian Basin is prompting an oil and gas water treatment and disposal company to expand as well.

Milestone Environmental Services of Houston, Texas announced it will build several new facilities in the Basin in the coming two years. Two will be built in 2018 and the company said the construction is a direct result of the increased drilling activity and customer demand.

Milestone said when the capital plan is finished, it will have a network of oilfield waste disposal operations across the Permian Basin including existing sites near Pecos and South Midland.

The two new additions to be built in 2018 are near Orla, texas and Stanton, Texas. The Orla site will be open to customers in the Northern Delaware Basin by mid-year. The Stanton facility, located on State Highway 137 south of Stanton will serve oilfield operators in the central  Midland Basin by the middle of 2018.

“Location is critical to our customers who depend on us for environmentally-secure oilfield waste disposal. By opening a facility near drilling activity, we save our customers time and money,” said VP of Sales Jesse Post. “This also provides a benefit to the community and the environment.”

“Milestone’s unique processes and capable team enable us to move very quickly in response to a dynamic oilfield. Our timeline from concept to completion for new facilities is much faster than anyone else’s,” said Milestone President and CEO Gabriel Rio. “Milestone’s growth and expansion into new locations and additional services is directly attributable to our customers’ preference for environmentally-secure waste disposal near their drilling activity.”

Milestone Environmental Services started operations in 1993 as American Disposal Services. In 2014, ADS was acquired by Intervale Capital to grow and expand. Under the new name, Milestone Environmental Services expanded into the Permian Basin.

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