Rep. Mullin Welcomes End to Dial-up Internet Service in His District


Oklahoma Congressman Markwayne Mullin says the President’s recent action to sign two executive orders could mean an end to dial-up-Internet service, especially in his district and in rural parts of Oklahoma.

Writing in his weekly “Mullin It Over” newsletter to his constituents, the Republican Representative said it could lead to vast improvements for tens of thousands in his 2nd congressional district.

“The Second District of Oklahoma is the only district in the country where broadband internet is available to less than half of the population,” wrote Mullin. “This means that of the 750,000 people that I represent, less than 375,000 people actually have access to high-speed internet, a luxury most people across the nation have enjoyed for years. ”

Mullin explained the orders signed by President Trump direct the Department of Interior to use its resources to support the installation of broadband internet by private companies and increase efficiency in the installation process.

“Rural America has often been overlooked in past administrations when it came to infrastructure, employment and poverty rates, health care access, and technology improvements,” added the Representative. ” It’s great to have a president who advocates for the needs of rural America, including hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans. “

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