Catoosa Test Facility Reports Successful Extended Test Well


In a test designed to validate advanced drilling  technologies, Catoosa Test Facility says it successfully drilled an extended test well to 7,449 feet using Oil Based Mud for a major company.

Operators say they normally are not concerned about total depth but the facility was able to test prototype tools of any type downhole, both in cased wells and open borehole.

Last June, the 100 percent privately-owned Catoosa Test Facility added a third testing rig to its test campus in Jennings, Oklahoma. Nabors Industries furnished one of its high-quality Cyber drilling units under a long term arrangement for research and development activities related to drilling operations.

The new rig is an all-electric A/C top drive intelligent triple rig that is upfitted with the latest technologies for testing purposes. The company said it is a walking rig that sets on a 9 test well, fully concreted pad and is destined to be the keystone of the Catoosa testing campus.

The campus is part of an effort in private oilfield tool testing for companies who are developing new drilling, completion and production technologies.


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