Rig Count Remains Steady in Oklahoma and Drops Nationally

Oklahoma’s rig count in the past week remained steady with 120 oil and gas rigs while the nation’s count dropped by 2 to reach 929.

Reports from Baker Hughes and the Independent Oil and Gas Service indicated the U.S. count is still 271 more than a year ago. In the past year, the increase included 222 more oil rigs and 50 more gas rigs.

Canada’s rig count plunged 74 in the past week to hit 136.

Of the various major oil and gas play states in the region, only Colorado saw an increase. Its count rose by one to reach 34 while counts in Louisiana, New Mexico, North Dakota,  Kansas and Texas either remained the same or declined.

Texas still has the most active drilling rigs at 453, a drop of 2 in the past week. North Dakota’s count dropped by 2 to reach 46. New Mexico stayed at 75. Louisiana remained at 62 and Kansas dropped 3 to hit 31.

Oil plays also saw no increases with exception  of the D-J Niobrara in Colorado where the rig count grew by 3 to reach 26. The Mississippian remained at 3. The Granite Wash stayed at 12. The Permian Basin has 398, same as a week ago. The Eagle Ford in  south Texas remained at 70. The Woodfords in Oklahoma stayed at 9.

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