Oklahoma Turnpike Rates to Increase in January

Energy companies, whether they’re oil and gas related or connected to wind farms will end up footing a higher bill when they choose the Oklahoma Turnpike for travel.

The State Turnpike Authority voted this week to increase tolls by 2.5 percent beginning in early January. It means most vehicles will pay $4.50 to travel between Oklahoma City and Tulsa instead of the current rate of $4.40.  But two-axle vehicles will be charged $4.75 for the same distance instead of the $4.50 now charged.

“Despite this toll increase, we are near the bottom on tolls per miles driven, so our tolls are still some of the cheapest in the nation compared to most other states,” Jack Damrill told the Tulsa World. “We are again second from the bottom in tolls charged per mile.”

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