GOP Candidate Calls Turnpike Rate Hike a “stunt” and “scam”

At least one political candidate is reacting with anger over the move by the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to raise the cost of driving on the turnpikes.

GOP Gubernatorial hopeful Gary Richardson, who says the turnpikes should be free to drive on, called the move an “absolute outrage.”

“I can’t believe our state ‘leaders’ have the nerve to pull a stunt like this,” said the former US Attorney in a statement. “I have said this for 15 years and I will say it again. The toll roads are the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the people of Oklahoma.”

He said the rate hike comes when working Oklahomans are struggling to make ends meet and when “every taxpayer knows we have a hefty bill coming from the state to pay for their corruption and mismanagement.”

Asked Richardson, “How badly are you getting ripped off?”



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