TU Law Professor Blames Himself for How Pruitt’s Running the EPA

A Tulsa University law school professor is apologizing for what he might have taught EPA Chief Scott Pruitt when he was in law school saying Pruitt brought a new level of “politicization” to the EPA.

Writing in the Santa Fe New Mexican, Rex Zedalis said, “I confess regret for whatever small role I played in unleashing Administrator Pruitt on the unsuspecting public.”

Pruitt graduated from the TU school of law in 1993. Zedalis has served as director of the Comparative and International Law Center and is a fellow in the Sustainable Energy and Resources Law program. He is in his 37th year as a faculty member at the law school.

He went on to write that he might be partially to blame for failing to nurture in him a deep regard for the law as an instrument based on real facts, not political ideology.

“Countless nights I’ve tossed and turned,” said Zedalis. “Did I not closely guard against my personal political dispositions creeping into the classroom dialogue?”

He said he understands why Pruitt might find President Obama’s environmental measures.

“What I fail to comprehend, though, is his utter disregard for tailoring EPA regulatory actions so they address the environment as facts demonstrate we find it, not as we imagine it.”


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