How to Spend VW’s Remediation Money

The Association of Central Oklahoma Governments is issuing a reminder that the state has started the process of developing a mitigation plan on the millions it will receive in the government’s lawsuit settlement with Volkswagen.

The Beneficiary Mitigation Plan, under the agreement the government reached with Volkswagen is a draft of how the state will spend the funds on reducing emissions and cleaning the air.

The DEQ is planning a Dec. 5 public meeting which will be a listening session where people will have the opportunity for input on the plan. As OK Energy Today reported in October, DEQ officials will not respond to questions nor offer comments during the meeting.


 DEQ intends to identify project categories that will provide the State with the most emission reductions for the least cost in geographic areas that carry a disproportionate share of air pollution burden, without duplicating or competing with existing assistance programs and resources. After the BMP has been written, it will be made available on the DEQ website and there will be another opportunity for public comment,” stated the DEQ in its original announcement.
The public meeting will be held at the DEQ headquarters located at 707 N. Robinson in downtown Oklahoma City.
The meeting will begin with an informational presentation by DEQ staff and the presentation will be followed by oral and/or written comments by interested persons. Individuals may present oral statements when called upon.”
Volkswagen agreed last year to spend up to nearly $15 billion in remediating the excess smog emissions after the car maker was caught installing software in specific diesel vehicles designed to bypass pollution control systems. The money will be divided among states based on the number of VW owners in each.
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